Renske Verwoerd, custom-made pastel painting. A lasting memory of your animal.

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To get a clear picture about who I am and why I do what I do I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Renske Verwoerd. Together with my partner Martijn, our three Border Collies Timo, Mike and Jip and our cats Poes and Zus I life in Brabant in the Netherlands. Several times a week I train sheep herding with our dogs. Sadly in 2014 we had to put down our dog Guusje. Since then I have been searching for a way to remember her by and urns are not ‘our thing’. For me the best way to remember those beautiful moments we had together, was to pick up my pencils once more and make a pastel painting of her. Now I look at Guusje every day with a smile on my face.

Drawing gave me so much pleasure that I have not stopped drawing since. For me, the portrait of Guusje was the perfect solution, a beautiful reminder of our special girl and this feeling I would like to pass on to others.



I use pastels, chalk and pastel pencils, because this way I can best express the softness of the animals through the sheer color and powdery characteristic of these materials. I always provide my pastels in a passe-partout, the reason being that without a passe-partout the drawing tends to pull to the glass of the frame instead of remaining on the substrate used. To do so is essential to properly preserve the drawing.

If you would like to learn more about the history of pastel art, click on Wikipedia Pastel.

Custom-made pastel paintings

I would like to share the pleasure of having a beautiful pastel of your beloved animal with others, which is why I work on commission.

How does that work?
I work best from a recent photograph. It is nice to get several photographs of the animal(s) so that I can get a good impression of its character which helps me to put together a more complete picture. We can then discuss which photograph is most suitable and which you prefer. It works best if these photos are in a high digital quality, if you do not have these, then ordinary photos can also be used. If you are interested please contact me because there are some focus points that are important about the photographs, in order to create the best result, which I’ll explain to you then.

I deliberately limit the subjects of my pastel paintings to animals, because I love animals. While painting them I am connected with my emotions. This is (often subconsciously) reflected in the final result. It is my intention to create images that also reflect the soul of the animals.

My own projects

Whenever I am not working on commissions, I’m still busy with my pastels. My personal goal is to always continue developing and improving my craftsmanship and thereby improve the quality of my paintings. I continue to trigger myself in order to get the best out of myself and my pastels. These pastel paintings are for sale. If you are interested in any of these paintings, please contact me.




The price of my pastels depends on various factors. The size, the background and the number of animals and of course whether to be delivered with or without a frame.

A special option is to frame the pastel together with an item belonging to him or her. For example, think of a collar, horseshoe, a strand of hair. When you really want something unique, go for a remembrance Frame.




cadeaubon - Renske Verwoerd


I also offer the possibility to purchase gift certificates. Some of the reasons why a gift certificate is a good option:

• if you do not know which pastel picture they would like to use
• if you do not know the preferred size of the pastel painting
• when the pastel painting is beyond your budget

And of course the other way around: if you would like a pastel drawing of your own animal, gift certificates are a nice option.